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Admission information


These studies aim to train professionals who are experts in data analysis and engineering, both structured and unstructured (text, audio, video, medical tests, financial indicators), who have a mathematical foundation and engineering skills that allow modeling and solving complex problems.

It is a 4-year on-site degree of 240 credits.

Relevant PAU subjects 


  • Weight 0,2: Biology, Physics i Mathematics.
  • Weight 0,1: Earth and Natural Sciences, Techincal drawing, Design, Enterprise Economy, Electrotechnics, Chemistry and Industrial Technologies.

Fees and grants

  • Check the Tuition Fees page to find out about the partial subsidies (Equity grant) that can be applied according to family income.
  • Enrollment is quarterly and payment can be divided into two installments. Newly admitted students must enroll in all first-year subjects (60 credits), 30 credits each term (in the case of part-time students, they can enroll in 36 credits per year).
  • More information: Access to degree studies (in catalan)



  • Access mark July 2022: 12,456
  • Access mark July 2021: 12,677
  • Access mark July 2020: 12,63
  • Access mark July 2019: 12,364
  • Access mark July  2018: 12,018
  • Access mark July 2017: 10,690
  • Estimated tuition fees (1st year): 2.513 €
  • Schedule: Morning lectures

Type of degree

  • Public studies
  • 4 years
  • On-site

Course language

  • Catalan (71%)
  • Spanish (16%)
  • English (13%)

Cohort size

50 students