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If you have passed 180 ECTS of compulsory subjects of the degree, mobility can be done during one or two semesters. You can do mobility at a University to take optional subjects and / or the TFG, but you can also mobility to a company to do internships and / or TFG. To do this, follow these steps:

Find out more by going to informational meetings or by looking at the international relations pages of the three centers: ETSETB, FIB and FME, also UPC.
Subscribe to this list if you would like to receive information. The ETSETB's for International Relations can assist you in case of doubt.

  • Request a place at e-secretaria according to the deadlines of the centers (note: the dates depend on the center and the program and generally run from December to January): ETSETB, FIB, FMEOnce the center has made the initial assignment, you must accept the place. After a few days you will be assigned the final place.
  • You will find all the steps you need to take before leaving here. See also the general procedure of the UPC.