• The mark to enter the degree keeps its constant growth and lands at 12,364. Now the degree's entry mark is comparable to those of Medicine, Biochemistry or Global Studies.

    Entry mark at 12,364
  • September 17 at 13.00 in Vèrtex, with inaugural lesson by the meteorologist and TV3's weatherman, Tomàs Molina.

    Opening of the 2019/2020 Academic Year
  • Àlex Ferrando has been honored with the Best Freshman Record prize of the class of 2022 at Vèrtex, Campus Nord, UPC.

    Best record award - class of 2022

Be a Data Scientist

The ultimate goal of the degree is to provide education on these four pillars.

Mathematics and Statistics. For modelling complex systems and treating data in a rigorous manner.

 Computation. To learn the generalities of tools used in Data Science and Machine Learning while learning to efficiently work with them.
 Signal Processing. To treat information derived from images, audio, video or any digitally coded data source.
Entrepreneurship. Will be encouraged through specific courses and through the involvement in multidisciplinary projects.